Holiday Party

This is the last time that Lakeshore Civitan members were all together at our annual holiday party last November.  Hopefully we can get together again soon.

Easter Baskets

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Lakeshore Civitan members were not able to coordinate and help deliver our Easter baskets to needy families in Montreal’s West Island.  Instead, we donated $2,000 to the Christian Action League who give us the names every year.  They delivered the baskets for us.

Valois Residence Special Event

On Thursday, May 21st, Lakeshore Civitan’s resident chef, Claude Darmond, cooked a special dinner for the 9 residents of Valois Residence. They missed our monthly Bingo games due to Covid-19, and this was Lakeshore Civitan’s way to show them that we missed them too.

Donations Dinner

Our Donations Dinner, which is usually held in June, is postponed until some time in the fall (we hope). At that time, we will be distributing $12,500 to eleven different organizations which provide programming and support to intellectually challenged people in the West Island. These are funds which we raised from the sale of Claxton Fruit Cakes in November and December.


Lakeshore Civitan lost one of its founding members in July. Ross Turner was always there when we needed an extra hand and we will sadly miss him as well as the yearly BBQs at his farm.

Stay Home and Stay Safe Everyone!