Claxton Fruit Cakes

Distributeur exclusif des gâteaux Claxton dans l'ouest de l'île !
Sole distributor of Claxton Cakes in the West Island!

Please help Lakeshore Civitan lend a hand to people in need!

For more information on how you can help:

All cakes are sold by volunteers, and all money raised goes to local charities, among them:  Lucky Harvest, Light a Dream, (WIAIH) West Island Association for the Intellectually Handicapped, Quebec Special Olympics, Generations, Citizen Advocacy, AVATIL (Training for Independent Living), as well as our annual distribution of Easter Food Baskets to the underprivileged in the West Island. 

Our 2019 Claxton Fruit Cake sale was huge success!  We thank everyone who supported us in this project.  Look for us again in November and December 2020!!